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An interview with Comedian Chris Perfetto

November 9, 2018


Chris Perfetto, a sophomore at Pinkerton Academy sits down with Smash Music founder Scott Graves to talk about life, love, comedy, his Mom, and Smash Stand Up. 


How did you get started doing stand-up? 


I played back-up for the first Smash Stand-Up host Liam Humel. That started me onto the comedy thing.  I've also done a ton of performing at school in amateur nights,  theatrical shows and lots of other stuff. 


Have you always been a comedian at heart? 


I've always been the comedian of the family.  I'd have to say I get it from my father's father.  He's always good for coming in with the perfectly timed jokes.  


"My Dad is a Monkey" 



My Dad is also very animated and fools around a lot.  I took from all of that.  


It's like I took the torch and I ran through the forest lighting everything on Fire.  


When I was a second-grader, I really became the class clown.  It actually became a bit of a behavorial issue that the school made my parents aware of.   I mean, I got really all good grades but would have the lowest grade for conduct.  It got so bad, at one point, my parents orphaned me.


They orphaned you?


Yeah, my Dad told me he'd call the orphanage and send me there.  "Well, they haven't called back but don't think we can't take them up on their offer to take you."  Devastating.  

Needless to say the comedy thing stuck with me. 


What would you say is the Perfetto style?


My style, or technique really is quite simple.  It's storytelling.  I experience things and tell people about it.  Nothing else but that. I exaggerate, elaborate, entertain with the real deal of my life from day to day.  


So, you're a liar? 


No way man, it's all true!  I can vouch for Chris.  His girlfriend Hannah was present for the interview and she said we have to believe him!


I'm a white Kevin Hart  with less life experience. 


The Smash Stand-Up night really attracts a wide range of comedic techniques and styles.


Yeah, it's exciting and we've been really really lucky as far as the wide range of acts we are able to bring home to Derry.  It's all an accident of fate.  All of our acts so far have created an interesting sense of balance to the evening.  


Let's Shout out to some of our acts so far.  




Stephanie Elliot, Josh Ramirez, Dennis Wirth, Jack Kennedy.......  That kid Jeff from Worcester.......


Dude, you're failing.  Dude, just....Stop.


Right on. 


What would you like to develop for future shows at Smash? 


More audience.  Way more people from a wider range of our community.  I just want make people feel good and laugh.  Besides, the money is good.   Seriously though I feel good making people smile.  I want my whole life and my career in the future to be one that's all about making people smile and feel good. Whether I'm an actor, a comedian, a teacher, all in service to make people smile.  


And to make more money.


You said that, not me.  Evil music store owner.  


What can we look forward to in a future show at Smash Music?


Come to Smash because SOMETHING will be FUNNY!


Our audience is quite curious.  It's often split between young people and their parents.  At first, we all felt the tension when the comedy got..... mature?  


Yeah, that's right.  But everyone very quickly let their hair down and joined in the fun. Joining together to laugh.  It's kind of...... well, therapeutic after everything that's going on.  


We should remind people we also let folks get up after the featured acts.


Yeah, folks. You can get up for our open mic portion and bomb to your hearts delight!  Actually, some of the best comedy we've had so far came from my friends who've gotten up there and really gave us their all.  Real cool thing to watch happen.  


Peace out, homeslice.



Catch Smash Stand-Up Night  each month on select dates.  Find out latest information on this and other Smash Live Series events here. 










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