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Why Rent Your Child's Instrument?

April 19, 2018

A major focus of our business at Smash Music is on the successful rent-to-own program for student band and orchestra instruments.  Our successful program relies on smart, educated parents having the knowledge of what constitutes a quality rent-to-own experience.  It is in this spirit that we write this article.


Invest in the Future

Many parents take a step back when they see the overall cost of a name brand band or orchestra instrument.  A 'real' instrument  is made of high quality materials, involves real workmanship and is made to last for decades, not just a few years.  Brand names like Bach, Selmer, Conn, King, Buffet, Armstrong (all of which and more are offered by Smash Music) can generally be trusted to deliver an optimum experience.  Why is it important to stay away from foreign knock-offs or 'off-brands'?  Because students require the tools of the trade that will last and work reliably.  The instruments need to be serviceable.  Cheap instruments are generally inferior because their materials and the workmanship in their manufacture is lacking.  Even worse, many are produced in countries where workers are taken advantage of and where environmental regulations are lax. At Smash Music much of our inventory is currently produced in the United States, Elkhart, IN. Know where your instrument is coming from and choose wisely.  


Why Rent-to-Own?

If you are taking the right first step and investing in a quality instrument, competent music firms such as ours offer rent to own programs.  What's the advantage?  First off, you have the opportunity to return the instrument at no further obligation if your child stops playing early in their musical career.  As long as you make monthly payments, generally $25.00-$85.00 per month depending on instrument, you are slowly paying off the cost of that instrument interest free.  Here at Smash Music we offer discounts for early payoff and credit towards step-ups. Bottom line: Rent-to-Own programs, when done right are an excellent way to get the right instrument in the hands of your child without breaking the bank. 


 Why consider private instruction? 

If you are serious about your child getting the most out of playing in a school band or orchestra program consider private lessons outside of school.  The comprehensive musical education consists of school programming (assuming your school district allows for an appropriate amount of time for class) and private instruction with a qualified professional.  Under the tutelage of a great professional your student will learn technique and garner an understanding for the culture behind the music and finally time spent by your child learning the fine craft of listening to music.  






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